Change of Name or Change of Residence

Change of Residence Instructions:

  1. If you are registered and have moved WITHIN Morris County, complete this address change form and your voting records will be transferred to your new address.
  2. This notice must be received no later than 21 days prior to election day for your records to be changed to your new address and voting district.
  3. If you have moved INTO Morris County, you MUST register to vote with a new voter registration form.
  4. If you have moved to another county in New Jersey, you MUST re-register in that county in order to be eligible to vote.

Change of Name Instructions:

  1. In order for a change of name to be recorded, it must be received no later than 21 days prior to that election. Complete this name change form.
  2. If the notice is received after the 21 day deadline, you may still vote under your old name by signing your record with both your registered name and your new name.

Mail completed form(s) to:

Board of Elections
Administration & Records Building
10 Court Street
PO Box 900
Morristown, NJ 07963-0900