Ways to Vote

Election Day Voting

Every year two elections are held – the Primary (in June) and General Election (in November). The Primary election determines which candidate for a political party will be eligible to run in the General election. The General election determines who will win the position.

In 2020, Primary Election Day is June 2, and General Election Day is November 3.

Find your polling place.

Mail-in Ballot

also known as “early voting” or “voting by mail”

Early voting in New Jersey is done via a Mail-in Ballot, whether you are early voting by mail or in person.

In order to vote early, you must apply for a Mail-in Ballot. Mail-in Ballots are available 45 days before an election.

In 2020, the last day you can apply to receive a ballot by mail is May 26 for the Primary election.

Mail-in Ballots can also be picked up or filled out in person until 3 p.m. the Monday prior to an election.

Download the Mail-in Ballot application and get more information.

Federal Overseas Voting

also known as “absentee voting” or “military and overseas voting”

If you are a US citizen living outside the US, or an active duty member of the military or their spouse/dependent, you are eligible for a federal overseas ballot.

Absentee ballot applications in 2020 are due on May 29 for the Primary election.

Download the Federal Absentee Ballot application and get more information.

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