What to Expect When You Vote

Voting at the Polls, on Election Day

Once you arrive at your proper polling location, find your district’s table.

At the table, you will:

  • Give your name to the poll worker. If noted in the poll book, you may need to verify an address and show ID.
    • If the election is a primary, and you are unaffiliated, you will have to declare your party as either Republican or Democrat and fill out a party declaration form. A poll worker will guide you through this process.
  • Sign the piece of paper you are given by the poll worker (called the “voting authority”). Hand this back to the poll worker.

You will then be lead to a voting booth, where you will cast your votes.

  • Make your selections in the voting booth by hitting the button that corresponds with your vote.
  • Then hit the “CAST VOTE” button.
  • The lights on the machine will go out, indicating that your votes have been submitted.

All Morris County polling places are accessible.

Voting Before Election Day, at the County Clerk’s Office

In New Jersey, you may vote in-person at the County Clerk’s office until 3pm the day before the election.

What you’ll do:

  • Go to the County Clerk’s office and fill out a Mail-in Ballot Application.
  • Present your driver’s license to the Clerk. You will be given a ballot.
  • Fill out the ballot.
  • Take your completed ballot to the Board of Elections, located on the second floor, and give it to an elections officer. You will be asked to show ID.
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